Today is March 17th and tradition is to wear green to avoid being spotted by a leprechaun. Yes – green makes you invisible so that you can successfully find the gold at the end of the rainbow. Without it, you’ll sure to be pinched or spotted by a leprechaun who will stop you from from discovering that pot of riches we all seek. Are you wearing green?

Silly as it is, I didn’t gravitate to wearing green today. Maybe you didn’t either as you may be working from home and may even find yourself not quite dressed for the day. Historically the color green only became symbolic to the holiday in the late 1700’s when Irish started wearing clovers on their lapels for national pride. Blue was the original color associated with Saint Patrick and the region.

The current climate of social distancing means that unless your family is Irish or catholic, we may not be celebrating as we have in years past. However, despite whether you are or aren’t wearing green today, there are those who may need a virtual pinch because of their lack of green or may also be feeling blue. Isolation and anxiety can build quickly and clouds can form, limiting our view of a rainbow. That ‘virtual pinch’ may be exactly what is needed to let people know we care. We need connection right now and we need to think about how to let people know they are not invisible no matter where they may be working or where in the world they may be. Is it a video chat, a wave from across the street or is it the text/instant message that can pop up and brighten the morning for you.

As Saint Patrick went spreading Christianity across Ireland all those many years ago, what can we do to spread light and hope to others today? Not just today but in the new social climate we currently now face. How can we spread joy in the midst of this corona crisis? What can you to do check in, connect and uplift so that all will know there is a rainbow and the pot of gold is our connection with them.