On the Edge by Alison Levine

I’m not a climber, nor have I yet to have a desire to climb Mount Everest. However I am fascinated by human will and the account of Alison Levine in her book On the Edge, and how she parallels her experiences in extreme environments to the potential and success that we could have in our careers and personal lives as leaders. Alison uniquely points out that we all have the responsibility to lead and that leadership is not just reserved for C-level executives across corporate america. She describes herself in the book as a contrarian to what we traditionally understand about leaders
hip principles however her truthful reality and ability to story-tell can be unquestionably insightful into our own lives. While she diverges from traditional thought, she hits the nail of the head and I find myself having so much more personal insight and delight to what she has to share.

“We are all in the position to proactively work towards having a positive effect on the people around us.” Read More Reading On the Edge

A_helping-1 I remember being a new mother and traveling alone with a new baby on several occasions.  I was always  grateful when a stranger asked if I needed assistance as they watched me navigate through airport corridors pushing a stroller, balancing car-seats on top of luggage, and attempting to clear security without much tribulation. The first time it happened to me, I was humbled that somebody even noticed my discombobulated self and offered assistance opening a door.  I speculated if I had ever observed a parent struggling as much as I was, prior to that moment.  A small act of service performed for me not only impacted my life at that juncture, but also has had me looking for a similar mother since to repay the kindness that was once delivered to me.  I want to be that person that I was so grateful for on that first flight across country. Read More Anticipatory Service – Meeting the needs of others outside of the workplace

This is the time of year that kicks off the holiday season with over-indulgences in food, shopping and more shopping after that.  Long lines at the post office begin, exponentiated traffic and pumpkin pies seemingly reproduce themselves.  Thanksgiving’s purpose is to celebrate the coming together and sharing of a meal with friends and family and while November doesn’t hold the patent on thankfulness, it is the time of year that we look for more of the things we are thankful for.  With the added stress of travel, quintessential meal planning, and avoiding uncle Al at the thanksgiving table, the busyness of the year often clouds our appreciation and we have less time to sit, relax and reflect without the football game taunting us in the background. Read More The ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE

Recently, a colleague  was feeling very unappreciated within his company.  He felt he was never commended for the job he was doing,  acknowledged for positive changes he had made within his department, or ever thanked for the extra hours he put in that seemingly went unnoticed by senior management.    Little by little,  he began to believe he was not liked or wanted within his company  – the narrative of our experience that unfortunately can be a louder voice than we would like it to be.   He enjoyed his job, bought into company values and had no desire to leave the company.   Ultimately this individual embarked on a job hunt leading him to take a job with another company, receiving the validation that his career experience had value and that he brought something needed to the table. Read More The invisible hurdle

Mile1_JesusV_FlikrOn Saturday, I headed out for my morning run.  A paved running trails lays behind my house bordering a nature preserve making motivation innate on such beautiful mornings.  Rows of porches line the pathway and the aroma of coffee permeates as individuals rejuvenate and watch the sun blaze up from the horizon.   A casual nod or hello is standard as runners and bikers are commonplace on the trail, but most individuals aren’t distracted from the peacefulness that is easily breathed in with the morning light. Read More Mile One